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How Much Can BC Landlords Raise the Rent in 2016?

July 28th, 2016 · No Comments · BC landlords, Landlord BC, Latest News, TVS

Surrey landlords BC rent increase guideline 2016

Surryey Landlords And Other BC Landlords Can Raise the Rent Up To 2.9% in 2016

Surrey landlords know our costs keep going up every year. 

It’s not just the costs of electricity or taxes. It’s the costs of paying paying high quality and professional contractors to maintain our excellent rental properties. And if we rent to BC Bad Tenants the costs will explode and can cost thousands of dollars.

After all we want to keep our rental properties in excellent shape and that means upgrading and constantly fixing things And the list of things to upgrade and maintain never seems to end.

Whether it’s a new roof to keep our tenants warm and dry during a rainy, a new door to make sure they are safe and secure, or a new high efficiency toilet to help keep water costs down, we are good landlords who want to make sure we take care of our hard working tenants and make sure your rental properties are in great shape!

Surrey Landlords and British Columbia Landlords Can Raise the Rent 2.9% in 2016

According to the the government website the BC Residential Tenant Branch and the How Much Can BC Landlords Legally Raise The Rent in 2016?, Surrey landlords and BC landlords can raise the rent by 2.9% in 2016.

How Does This Compare to Other Provinces in Canada?

As usual How Much Can Ontario Landlords Raise The Rent in 2016? have a very low rent increase. In fact, the rent increase for Ontario landlords in capped at a maximum of 2.5%…pretty crazy, right? This year Ontario landlords can raise the rent by a maximum of only 2.0%.

Alberta landlords don’t face any type of rent increase guideline.

Even with their current NDP government they are allowed to raise the rent as much as the market sees fit, although they must follow the rules on how to do so.

Surrey Landlords Are You Going To Raise The Rent in 2016?

With rising costs and the appreciation of properties (making it even more expensive to buy a rental property) you need to make sure you costs are being covered (at least partially). This is why successful and experience BC landlords are raising the rent in 2016.

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