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Landlords in BC: Reviews on BC Landlords Association Membership

September 1st, 2014 · No Comments · Landlord BC, Latest News, Review on BC Landlords association membership

 Landlords in BC Reviews on BC Landlords Association Membership

Landlords in BC – Reviews on BC Landlords Association Membership – Make sure you use proper documents and screen your tenants carefully, including running tenant credit checks

BC landlords are waking up to the importance of using proper leases, applications and other documents and running tenant credit checks before handing over the keys to their rental properties.

This is what Surrey landlords already knew. Because despite the fact most renters are good and honest people who pay their rent on time and follow the law there are also tenants out there who don’t.

Don’t Rely on Your Gut Instinct, Rely on Facts With A Credit Check

The recent news of a landlady who owns a Prince George rental property should be an eye-opener for all small landlords, especially new landlords.

There are a lot of new landlords out there who want to take advantage of the fact property prices are rising.

They are looking for tenants to ‘baby-sit’ their property while prices grow. After a few years the tenants can move out and the landlord/investor can sell for a nice profit.

That only works if you rent to good tenants who don’t want to profit from you!

Missed Rent Payments, Grow-op, and Bad News

According to The Province a Prince George landlady rented to a tenant based on the fact she he was clean, seemed very nice, and had a job.

She even invited him for some holiday dinners to show how much she appreciated him.

The tenant didn’t appreciate her back.

Soon after renting to him the tenant stop paying rent. She also believes he has a marijuana grow op on her rental property.

Emergency Hearing Before the Residential Tenancy Branch

Landlady Angela Cunningham thought following the process and having an emergency Hearing at the B.C. Residential Tenancy Branch would get the tenant evicted and she could move on.

Except she lost at the Hearing and doesn’t know why. She says she did what she was told to do and is shocked this tenant can manipulate the BC landlord and tenant system like he has done.

BC Landlords – Avoid Renting to Bad Tenants

Landlady Angela Cunningham is a good landlord stuck in a bad situation.

The problem is she trusted her ‘gut feeling’ to choose a tenant. You can’t do this anymore or it will lead to lots of landlord headaches.

Tenant Credit Checks

It’s important BC landlords screen tenants carefully and don’t simply trust what the tenants say to you.

You need to verify everything and running a tenant credit check will help you do so.

Tenant Credit Checks Are Expensive and Complicated

No, not any more. Be careful because some groups out there want to take you to the cleaners with hidden fees!

You can join the BC Landlords Association for a one-time set up fee of only $99.

Then you can get access to the BC Landlord Rental Kit, the private members forum, and premium credit checks to make sure you rent to great tenants.

Smart BC Landlords will join the BC Landlords Association for a one-time fee to get excellent services and save money.

Renting Your Basement or a Room?

Are you renting your basement or a room in your house? Joining the BC Landlords Association will allow you to run credit checks on tenants who want to rent your basement or a room in your house.

Joining the BC Landlords Association is a deal that can’t be beat to help small landlords succeed!

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