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BC Landlords – How Can You Avoid Bad Tenants?

July 20th, 2014 · No Comments · BC Landlord Association, Landlord BC, Tenant Credit Checks

 BC Landlords  How Can You Avoid Bad Tenants

BC Landlords Are Learning How To Avoid Bad Tenants As the “Serial Bad Tenants” Pay Back Rent To An Ex-Landlord Avoid Jail Time!

There was a terrific story in the Toronto Star recently warning landlords about bad tenants and recommending joining a group like the Ontario Landlords Association to run credit checks on tenants.

It’s advice that also applies for British Columbia landlords.

Serial Bad BC Tenants In The News Again

Does anyone remember those serial bad tenants who kept ripping off small landlords?

These were the couple who were masters of telling a good story to get a landlord to rent to them. Then once they moved in, the cheques bounced and they refused to pay rent.

There is new information after a report from CBC news saying they managed to avoid jail time by paying what they owed to one of their former landlords.

We wrote about them in June as we thought it was important BC landlords were made aware of this situation.

We called the blog ‘A couple of BC Tenants Have Scammed 8 Small Landlords in the Past Two Years.’

And that wasn’t even the first time we wrote about them and we weren’t the only ones.

The BC Landlord website warned landlords to be on the look-out for this couple who were looking for their next landlord victim.

In each case these the landlords who were ripped off didn’t run a credit check on the tenants.

Latest News About Serial Bad Tenants

One of the landlords who was ripped off was is Suman Parasad.

The serial bad tenants owe her almost $8,000 in lost rent and she isn’t going to take it lying down.

She took her ex-renters to small claims court. She won a judgement for the lost rent.

Did They Pay The Rent They Owed Her?

Kind of.

They began to pay the large judgement slowly and it didn’t satisfy this landlord!

A judge gave an order to the ex-trents to pay the owed rent fast or they could go to prison.

That’s right: pay the rent or go to jail!

Parasad has generously offered to help other landlords go through the process. She says there were things she should have done to make the process proceed faster.

Avoid Hassles By Running Credit Checks on Tenants

We congratulate Parasad for winning the judgment. However, the small claims court process is slow and clever tenants will defend themselves vigourously in court. You are never guaranteed to get a judgement for the money owed to you.

The smart solution for BC landlords is to avoid renting to bad tenants in the first place.

Make sure you screen your tenants carefully BEFORE renting to them.

A tenant credit check would provide the “red flags” needed for smart landlords to avoid renting to these serial bad tenants. Even Alberta landlords are learning to always run a tenant credit check to verify what potentials say and promise.

How Can I Run Tenant Credit Checks?

It’s no longer complicated or expensive that to the BC Landlords Association.

BC Landlords – Join the BC Landlords Association

For Only a One-Time Set Up Fee (No Annual Fee!) Get Access to Premium Credit Checks, Rental Kits, Members Forum, Networking, Manuals and More!

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