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BC Landlords: How Can Landlords Avoid Bad Tenants?

June 1st, 2014 · No Comments · B.C. landlords, BC landlords, British Columbia landlords, credit checks

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A couple of BC Tenants Have Scammed 8 Small Landlords in the Past Two Years

We wrote a couple of months ago about a couple of serial bad tenants who have ripped off 8 landlords in the past two years.

You can read our blog here: Landlords B.C. – Serial Bad Tenants Cost Landlords Thousands of Dollars

We all thought the story would end there.

After all, with all this media attention surely landlords would be warned about these bad BC tenants and BC landlords would wake up and not rent to them.

The Story Continues…

What’s the Latest News on These BC Tenants From Hell?

A recent CBC News report shows the story of these bad tenants continues.

According to the CBC the couple owes their last 8 landlords nearly $40,000 in damages and lost rent!

According to the British Columbia landlords association these landlords have gone to the RCMP and now these tenants have to pay or might even face jail time.

There is now even a published time-line of the debts these serial bad tenants owe:

Bad Tenant Time-line (How many times they have been evicted and how many landlords they owe money to!)

1. July to September, 2012 – $7500 for owed rent after eviction

2. September, 2012 – $3750 for rent owed to the landlord after being evicted

3. October 2012 to March 2013 – $7900 for rent they need to pay the landlord

4. March 2013- May 2013 – Tenants evicted and must pay $5000

5. June 2013 – October 2013 -Tenants again owe the former landlord $7500

6. November 2014 – January 2014 – Tenants must pay landlord $3000

7. January 2014 – March 2014 -Tenants owe landlord $5000 in rent

It’s really a nightmare for these 8 landlords and these tenants haven’t been stopped!

How Can Landlords Avoid These Bad Tenants?

It’s vitally important for BC landlords to conduct tenant credit checks on people who want to rent their property.

BC landlords used to think only Ontario Landlords faced bad tenants.

Or maybe some Alberta landlords who weren’t careful would rent to bad tenants because they were over-confident because the laws in Alberta are more fair.

B.C. Landlords Need To Be Careful

You can check out BC Landlord Credit Check for details, but British Columbia residential landlords need to be careful of bad tenants.

Bad Tenants Target Small Landlords

Corporate landlords always do a tenant credit check.

This weeds out most of the bad tenants out there.

But many small B.C. Landlords don’t do credit checks. You can read about this at the BC Landlord Credit Check site.

Instead, too many landlords rely on an “interview” with the tenants and make a “couple of reference checks.”

BC Landlords Make Sure You Rent To Good Tenants

The BC Landlords Association charges only a one-time registration fee for small landlords to join up.

As part of membership you get access to premium credit checks for only $10/check from Equifax and GARDA.

BC Landlords – Make sure you find great tenants and avoid serial bad tenants with a tenant credit check.

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