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Landlords B.C. – Serial Bad Tenants Cost Landlords Thousands of Dollars

April 11th, 2014 · 1 Comment · Evictions, Tenant Credit Checks

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Bad B.C. Tenants Facing Sixth Eviction In Only Two Years

Have you see the local news over the past few days?

A CBC investigation shows a couple of serial bad tenants have cheated landlords over and over

It has British Columbia landlords all over the province realizing the important of tenant screening.

According to the B.C. Landlords Association, this couple has managed to live rent free for over two years.

And now they are facing their sixth eviction in 24 months.

Screening Out Bad Tenants

There are a lot of excellent tenants looking to rent nice safe rental accommodation from good landlords like you.

These are the people you want to rent to. They pay their rent on time and leave the property like it was when they first moved in.

Then there are people who are the subject of the CBC investigation.

Unfortunately, these types of professional tenants are not just what Ontario landlords have to face these days.

They are something Alberta landlords also face in 2014.

They are also in British Columbia. And growing fast.

Why Should I Pay Rent?

Tenants who scam landlords often have a story ready.

In this case the tenants rented their latest house by claiming their last landlord stole their money and left British Columbia.

The landlord believed them and handed over the keys.

The tenant’s cheque bounced and the new landlady hasn’t seen a cent in real rent.

How Can I Avoid Bad Tenants Who Don’t Pay Rent?

This is exactly what the British Columbia Landlords Association warns landlords about.

To make sure you find good tenants it’s very important to screen your tenants carefully.

A good chat and a handshake are no longer enough to protect you and your rental property business.

Credit Checks On Tenants

A credit check will allow you to see where the tenants live, have lived, and shows you if they have any judgment against them.

We’ve written about this before:

A low credit score is a red flag that shows your potential tenants don’t have a history of paying their bills.

Make sure you join the BC Landlords Association, pay the one time fee, and start doing high quality, affordable tenant credit checks and protect yourself and your rental properties.

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