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Landlords in B.C.: Reviews on BC Landlords Association Membership

March 9th, 2014 · No Comments · BC Landlords Association Review

 BC Landlords Association Membership Review

Here Is Our Recommendation On BC Landlords Association Membership

BC landlords know how lucky they are to live in such a beautiful province.

They also know there are excellent opportunities to be landlord in British Columbia.

There are lots of good paying tenants in the province and even more coming there and looking for nice, well-maintained, affordable housing.

Of course, there are also tenants out there who you shouldn’t rent to.

While these tenants are still the minority, they can become a landlords nightmare if you rent to them and hand over the keys.

Need to see an example of ‘bad tenants’?

Click on this link to CBCnews.

It’s a story about a landlord put up an ad for her income property.

A family replied to her ad and arranged a meeting with her.

During the meeting the family wanting to rent the home told the landlord there were the victims of a very horrible landlord and they needed a place soon as they had two daughters.

Based on this story the landlord rented to them to help them out.

Six months later, and six months of not paying a single cent of rent the landlord is out tens of thousands of dollars.

She trusted them and they turned out to be scam artists who had ripped off landlords before.

We used to think all the worst tenants were in Ontario or what Alberta landlords were dealing with regularly.

Unfortunately will all the newcomers moving to BC we now must be extremely careful!

Protect Yourself and Your Investment

Don’t let this happen to you.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

One way a landlord can protect yourself is by joining a landlord association.

B.C. Landlords Association Review

We recommend you join the BC Landlords Association and become a member. 

It’s a fast and affordable way to network with other landlords, share tips and experiences, and get important tools and services to find good tenants and avoid the professional tenants out there.

1. BC Landlords Rental Kit

Get all the documents you need.

They can be downloaded to your home computer 24/7. You get leases, applications, notices and everything you need for landlord success.

2. Landlords Forum

You get access to the largest and most popular landlord forum in Canada.

Network with landlords in British Columbia and across Canada to share tips and experiences.

3. Tenant Credit Checks

BC Landlords Association members get access to incredible tenant credit checks from Equifax and GARDA.

For $10 you can do a credit check from your own home or office computer and see the financial history of your potential tenant.

We before about the importance of tenant credit checks. After all, if they paid their bill to others they will likely pay the rent to you.

We wrote about this before to help Surrey landlords avoid scam artist tenants.

4. Guidebooks and Handbooks

You get handbooks and guides for every step of the renting process. 

The “Tenant Screening Manual” contains tips and tricks for you to find great tenants.

5. Membership fees are only “one-time” and start at only $99 for life-time membership!

That’s right, only a one time fee. No annual fees.

Review of the BC Landlords Association Membership

Take a look for  yourself, it’s a great deal!

For only a one time fee you get all the tools and services you need to be a successful British Columbia landlord!

Compare that to the old landlord associations with their annual fees and lack of real help for landlords.

Become a member of the BC Landlords Association.  It’s a smart move!

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